Secrets to Long Mermaid Hair

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Having Long Mermaid Hair

I get asked almost on a daily basis how I get my hair so long. Either that or complete strangers will come up to me and start running their fingers through my locks, which is totally ok by me, because I am a huge fan of Hair Tickles. I do not wear hair extensions, I tried them for a brief period, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

4 Steps to Mermaid Hair

Here are a few tips and tricks I have noticed when it comes to growing my hair.

1. I’ve heard it said, the more you trim your hair the longer it will grow. I have found this to NOT be true. I only go in for a trim about twice a year. Your hair will not grow if you keep chopping it off!

2. Your diet can greatly affect your hair growth as well. To help with my luscious tresses, I eat a balanced diet filled with protein, iron, and other yummy nutrients. Some of my fav go to’s are sweet potatoes, spinach, and eggs.

3. I do not wash and/or brush my hair everyday. Washing long hair takes a lot of energy. Energy that I can only seem to muster twice a week. And a good thing! Washing your hair excessively stripes it of its natural oils, as a result, your scalp will be unprotected and possibly itchy or flakey.

4. I do curl my hair quite frequently. To off set all that heat, I do not blow dry my hair. I let it air dry or put it into two braids, for a natural wavy look. If I do dry my hair, I will only plump the roots and let the rest dry on its own.

Again these are just a few tricks of the trade that have worked for me. If you are struggling to grow your hair, I hope this helps.

Photos: Samantha Taylor Photography

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