Greeks, and Everyone Else Who Wish They Was Greek


Being in Oia Santorini Greece, felt as if I died and went to heaven. All the pictures I have ever seen of the iconic white buildings and blue rooftops simply did not do it justice.  The culture, architecture, people, and food were enough to make me start telling people I’m Greek!

We stayed at Andronis Luxury Suites, a beautiful hotel that cascades down the side of the mountain. Each suite is built into the cliff side, making every room a luxurious cave named after a Greek God. We stayed in Dionysus, the God of wine and art, where we had our own private cave hot tub over looking the Caldera. Our first night there, we played in the infinity pool all night and watched the sun set over the Aegean, while sipping on Sangria and Miami Vices.

We walked the whole city on foot and when we couldn’t walk anymore, we rented a four wheeler and drove around the entire island. I finally got to live my Mary Kate and Ashley moment, by having a very handsome man (aka my husband) on a quad, drive me around a foreign country. Take that Olsen twins.

Swimsuit: Jessika Allen | Romper: Urban Outfitters

Greece is the Way We are Feeling.


After months of saving, weeks of planning, and hours of flying, we finally arrived in Athens Greece! It was only a matter of time for me to fulfill my dream of visiting this marvelous city, where history, myth, and legend are all intertwined.

I have always found Greek Mythology to be quite bewitching: Pandora unleashing mankind’s weaknesses from a forbidden box, the Minotaur wandering the halls of an endless labyrinth, and Persephone being abducted by Hades and dragged to the underworld. These stories have always held such wonder to me that I had to visit the home of their birthplace.

What I didn’t expect was to find just as much magic in the true history of Ancient Greece. Visiting the Parthenon, Meteora, Akrotiri, and Knossos Palace with their enduring and miraculous construction, I now hold that same wonder to the actual people who created these timeless stories.

This was just our first night in this beautiful country and what better way to spend it than at The GB Rooftop Garden Restaurant and hotel. We watched the sun set and cast a luminous glow over Athens and the Acropolis all the while eating a delicious, authentic Greek dinner. This night is truly one that will live on forever in my memory.

Stay tuned for more of mine and Daniel’s trip to Greece.

Fools for Fool Hallow Lake

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My whole life I have been a Desert Rat, and gladly so.  I love the dry heat, warm air, and most especially, I love the feeling of stepping into the light and having the sun’s rays seep deep into my skin, course through my veins, and settle in my bones.

However, as much as I love the warm weather, even I couldn’t stand the excessive Phoenix heat wave this weekend. With temperatures of up to 116 degrees, the hubs, pup, and I, knew we needed a Northern Arizona Escape. It seems we were not the only Phoenicians who had this same brilliant idea. To avoid large crowds we decided to go to a more secluded watery oasis. Fool Hallow in Show Low was just the place. It felt as if we had the whole lake to ourselves.

We rented some paddle boards, which was such a fun idea! All my years of ballet training really paid off on these bouncing, balancing boards. The water and weather were perfect and we got to try out our new camera, a Nikon 1AW1, which is waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof. Perfect for all our wandering and adventuring needs.