Turquoise Jewelry from The Ayman Collection

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise and precious stone jewelry has always had a special and nostalgic place in my heart. My grandpa Travis was a miner who collected beautiful gems and minerals that he displayed all throughout his house, shed, and yard. Dazzling rocks were everywhere, some so big I could walk or hop across them and pretend the ground was hot lava.  Others so small I could hold them in the palm of my hand, scared that with the tiniest breath they would disappear.

Not only did he amass an incredible collection from his journeys and travels, but he also took these little treasures and turned them into jewelry. He loved making giant turquoise rings, belts, and necklaces. He would make extra special pieces to give to my grandma. I used to sit and watch him grind and polish the stones, turning them into smooth, water-drop-like shapes. He could see the beauty in a rock before I could.

Grandpa took note of my interest and began to teach me. He taught me how to hot wax the stone to a small wooden rod that you could twist and turn in your fingers as you grate the rock against the spinning wheel.  Occasionally adding water and silt to the grinder to create those glassy edges.  I could sit and help him grind rocks and agate for hours.

The Ayman Collection

The turquoise jewelry from The Ayman Collection reminds me of my grandpa’s beautiful work. Excellent craftsmanship, creativity, and one of a kind pieces that somehow tell their own alluring and intricate stories.

Jewelry // The Ayman Collection

Photographer // Erika Greene Photography